Endocrine system
Oxytocin, the moral molecule  TED talk on this cool brain chemical, 16 minutes but worth it

Nervous system
Black and white illusion            cool dance routine, try to watch just one dancer at a time!
Optical illusions                         cool, check it out
How neurons work, part 1         YouTube animation on resting potential and action potential, Mr H recommends.  This is part one
How neurons work, part 2
How neurons work, part 3
Sleep medicine homepage         focus on sleep disorders
Anandamide                              chocolate and the pleasure molecule
Mike the headless chicken         how many months could he survive headless?  True story from Fruita, Colorado!

Circulatory system

Blood cells                                text and micrographs, recommended
Hematocrit method                   video shows how to separate blood cells using centrifuge
Blood typing game                   quick, save the patient with a correct transfusion!                                                   
How your heart works              all about the heart, with animations
Glass heart                                check out this incredible transparent, beating heart.  Wait for it to load, then use the slider!
American Heart Assn               heart problems, heart attack and stroke, excellent reference
Bypass surgery                         CABG, explained and illustrated
Angiogenesis                            gene therapy shows promise for heart patients
Dean Ornish diet                       reversing heart disease without surgery
See Daphnia heartbeat              Video of beating heart, must see before lab!
Daphnia and Q10                      How to figure Q10, includes automatic calculator

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