Basic info about cells
Cells show to watch                   great illustrated lecture on cells, in Prezi format.  More fun than powerpoints!  Click on "MORE" in lower right and choose full screen, then click on arrows to proceed through the material. 
Inner Life of Cells                      must see this one for its incredible, beautiful animation.  If you have a good connection, try the "Super Speed Version".  If it doesn't work right, try a slower speed.  Turn on speakers.  If possible, enlarge screen to 100%.
Inside a cell                                animated look around
Cells alive!                                 cool cinemas and animations
Pondlife movies                         micro-videos of live critters

Microscopes and sizes
Anatomy of the microscope       everything about scopes and how they work
From coffee to carbon                wonderful super-microscopic vision.  Move the slider for a wild ride
How big is a...                            cool "virtual scope" animation that shows clearly sizes of small stuff
SEM art of  Dennis Kunkel        incredible micrographs of bugs and such, good browsing
Scanning electron microscope    play with a virtual SEM at this cool interactive site

Organelles and cell parts
Cells and organelles                   clearly shows and explains
Review cell parts                       interactive diagram of organelles
Organelles practice game          simple game to help you review

Cell cycles and mitosis
Cell Division and the Cell Cycle outstanding YouTube video, complete with soothing music and super graphics.  Highly recommended by Mr H!
Mitosis animation                        elegant action cartoon entertains and clarifies.  Play some soft music with it!
Mitosis experience                       includes its own soft music, must see it
Cell cycles game                          very cool video game to learn the cell cycle.  Take over command of the space vehicle!
How donuts reproduce                check out what happens as chocolate-covered donuts get hot and bothered
Cancer and cell cycles                 easy-to-use learning module in "click and learn" style
Telomeres                                    the key to aging and cancer?
Making old mice young              latest research in use of telomerase as fountain of youth
Purging mouse cells                    the latest aging theory (Nov. 2011): kill all the senescent cells and the mouse immediately become younger!
Online onion root tips                cool virtual lab, great for identifying mitosis stages
Cell cycles practice game
Mitosis practice game

Life and death of cells
Apoptosis (cell suicide)             summary and implications
Stem cells primer                       the basic facts from NIH
How to make stem cells             step by step instructions to culture human embryonic stem cells
Cancer information source        comprehensive, easy to use.  Choose the level of detail you want.
Immortal cells book                   review of book on Henrietta Lacks
HeLa podcast                             25 minute audio, all about the famous cells from Henrietta Lacks

Cell communication
Cell signals                                highly recommended animation of cell parts and processes.  Turn on speakers, and use control in lower right to enlarge screen.
Bacterial communication          incredible discoveries, 18 minutes but worth it
Nobel prize for G-proteins        a good explanation of these important receptors

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