AP biology course information


Letter to students & parents               Introduction to AP Biology at LBHS

Course description                             What is AP Biology?

The value of taking AP Biology        Why bother, when it's extra work?  The research shows you're more likely to complete a college degree

Syllabus                                            Topics, dates and labs for 2017-2018

CA standards                                         What the state wanted you to learn, soon to be obsolete as NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) is implemented.   

Policies                                             Concise answers to most of your questions

Oral report topics                             For our occasional oral report assignments, you will choose one of these topics, unless it's already taken  

Lab reports, posters, presentations   Guidelines for presenting your lab results to others

How to make a good poster               Science posters can be attractive, here's how

How to make a good graph

Results of AP exam                           Summarized here, including latest results from May, 2017.

Hall of fame                                    Special congatulations to Amber Costello, Katie Calcagno, Gina Belmonte, Rory Fulton, 
                                                              Matt Halverson,
Vijay Patel, Andrew Plath, Janele Sechrist, Amy Patel, Adrian Fachin,
                                                              Stephanie Camacho, Ana Uy, Ernie Garcia, Omar Razo, Gordon Lu and Stephen Georgiou
                                                              for acing the AP exam!

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