Diversity of organisms

Taxonomy lab activity                    sorting and classifying steel fasteners
Three-domain system                    out with 5 kingdoms, this is the latest taxonomic fashion

Ebola information page               summarizing info on 2014 outbreak
Viruses                                           overview
Virus animation                             excellent clip of how viruses work.  Morphs into promotional ad in second half
Disease information                       comprehensive index, easy to read, by CDC
All the virology on the WWW       is here
Microbe art gallery                        amazing artwork, made of viruses and bacteria


Bacteria                                        very good summary
Photos of pathogenic bacteria
Gram stain                                    how to do this routine procedure
What the heck is?                         plain language on microbes
Superbugs overview                     antibiotic resistance
Microbes.info                               good website for bacteria and virus news
Green fluorescent protein            all about the glowing stuff we will induce in bacteria
Bacterial communication             incredible discoveries, 18 minutes but worth it
Do  you want to grow E coli?      You Tube parody of "Snowman"

Archaebacteria (not the same as bacteria)
Archaea                                       explains all about these important critters
Morphology of archaea              pictures and diagrams of their structure

Human immune system
Intro to immune system             student-friendly overview, complete with cartoon illustrations
Immunology animation             good 2-minute animation, with quiz questions.  You should know these steps
Click and learn                          excellent explanation of adaptive immune response, press "start click and learn"

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