Cricket lab                                   online simulation of scientific process, easy and fun
Population and poverty               how to save the world from overpopulation, 10 minute TED talk
Biomes of the world                    easy to use, lots of pictures
Mimicry in insects                       monarch vs viceroy, fascinating tale
Succession                                   student-made, well done
Endangered species                      in San Joaquin Valley, profiles of each one
Sierra bighorn sheep                     video episode 27, cool story of endangered recovery efforts in Yosemite
Gorillas and Dian Fossey             the foundation she started to protect gorillas
Orangutan Survival                      project in Borneo to save these primates
Amazing bird behaviors               great video clips, including condor vs raven
Vernal pools                                 fascinating spring features, by environmental group that opposed UC Merced
Klamath water war                       homepage of rebellious farmers who want their water back
Climate change in plain English   2010 summary by Royal Society, cuts through the rhetoric
Gaia hypothesis                            YouTube clip explains how the earth is actually one giant living thing

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