Evolutionary biology

BLAST lab files (step 2)          the gene files you need are here, scroll down to the black box and follow the directions
BLAST homepage (step 3)      online tool to compare genes by searching genome files
Evolvovision                             cool animation of evolution, try it
Voyage of the Beagle                complete text of Darwin's journals
The origin of species                 Darwin's earthshaking book
Transitional fossils FAQ            yes, there are fossils linking the groups; detailed
What killed the dinosaurs?        cool interactive comparison of the possible scenarios
Is love in our DNA?                  interactive poll/lesson on sexual attraction
Your inner fish                          see the 3-episode videos based on the amazing discovery
Hobbit skeleton                         the latest analysis on Homo floresiensis, newly discovered little people 
Gaia hypothesis                         Lovelock's incredible theory of earth awareness
Gaia sporing                              space cadets, prepare for takeoff:  CLICK ON "Gaian  sporing"  from list
What is creationism?                 an objective description of the various creation viewpoints
Arguments against creationism  hard-hitting discussion
The tree of life                            ambitious, evolving website shows all known relationships

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