Preparing for AP Exam

How to score high                        very good YouTube video on how the test works and how to prepare, 15 minutes but worth it
Super flash card games                 outstanding review app: try "scatter", "learn" and "race".
Instant review                               outstanding YouTube minilectures by Paul Andersen
Learnerator                                   go to AP Bio questions, many good examples for you to practice
Samples for practice                     official practice questions in new format!  Download the 3.5 MB pdf file, then go to pp. 128-163 for MC questions, and 164-168 for FRQs.  Includes answer key
FRQs for browsing                       Mr H's compilation of all essays since 2003, organized by topic area.  We will be looking at these throughout the year. 

Official AP test site                      describes the updated exam, including the 2017 essays!  Yes, the real deal
Formula sheet                               this is the actual list of formulas you will have during the AP exam
Bubbabrain                                   easy-to-use quick review games.  Try them they're fun! 
Cell biology animation                 outstanding set of cool tutorials on cells, biochem, DNA etc.  Easy to use, highly recommended
Review the labs                            simulations and explanations for each of the "old 12" standard labs.  We did some version of most of these in class this year.
College credit for AP results           click here to find links to each school's policies

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