Heredity and genetics 

Mendel song                                   You tube clip, Mendel with a nice beat
Mitosis animation                           Very smooth and clear, great learning tool
Meiosis animation                          Compare to first link, do you get the differences?
Mitosis experience                          Cool 3-D graphics with music, try it you'll like it.  Give yourself extra credit if you spot the error.
Mitosis vs meiosis                          Animated comparison of these important processes
Sordaria photo page                        Crossing-over is easily seen in this heterozygous fungus
Basic genetics                                 Excellent intro to heredity
Flybase Drosophila genome           Everything on fruit fly genetics
Genetics practice game                   Simple review game
Mendel's laws practice game
Build a family tree                          Easy-to-play pedigree game using DNA snippets
Make a karyotype                           Interactive click-and-drag procedure, to identify chromosome mutations
Tour an IVF lab                               Shows how "test-tube babies" are made

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