Molecular genetics

How I found DNA                       James Watson explains how it happened.  Brilliant and funny old guy! 20 minutes long
Picturing the Molecules of Life   wonderful set of DNA/RNA pictures, including the famous photo 51
Journey into DNA
                      fun animation of what and where DNA is, at a basic level
Chromosome 11 flyover              take a fun virtual tour of your genes and "junk DNA".  Turn on speakers
Hershey and Chase
                     see this animation, which clearly explains the crucial research proving DNA is the genetic material
DNA coiling
                               see how 2 meters of DNA can fit into a nucleus

Replication animation                  excellent visual presentation
Replication tutorial
                     great interactive explainer/game, try it for review
Replication details
                      shows specifically how it works, worth viewing several times to really get it
Blazing a genetic trail
                 very clear introduction to DNA and genetics, intermediate level
DNA from the beginning
            excellent multimedia text on DNA and genetics.  Go to concept pages, each has many features.  Click on "animation" for the correct sequence of ideas.

Central dogma (DNA to RNA to protein)
Our molecular selves                   summary of the whole central dogma, by the Human Genome Project
Transcription animation 
             helpful for reviewing transcription, turn on speakers
Protein synthesis
                         clear overview animation helps you learn this important process
Translation animation 
                detailed look, with excellent narration
You make the protein
                  try doing the transcribing and translating yourself!  excellent practice
PARTY style review  
                 must-see hippie dance portrayal of protein synthesis, 13:22 on You Tube
Ribosome makes protein
            RNA is translate to protein in this animation
DNA workshop
                          YOU are the enzyme in this simulation of DNA replication and protein synthesis.  Try it!
Gene regulation                          detailed look at how genes are controlled, Prezi format
Beyond the genome
                   NY Times feature on epigenetics,  very cool.  Not in the book!

Sequencing and genomes
Sequence for yourself                 easy-to-use explanation of how to determine DNA base sequences
Human Genome Project
             introduction to HGP, simple language
Why study the genome?
             medical implications of genome project
The whole human genome          is now online at this US Government site

Biotech prodecures
Restriction enzymes                   this interactive site shows clearly what they are and how they work
Create a DNA fingerprint
          easy-to-play simulation of this procedure.  Try it!  
Identify a gene
                           take a nucleotide sequence and find what it does in real life
Engineer a crop
                          easy-to-use simulation of bioengineering a better tomato plant
Run a gel
                                   virtual lab, perform all the steps to sort DNA fragments by gel electrophoresis.  Try it, it's fun
GFP pages
                                 everything on this cool glowing stuff, including a rap video
Guess what's coming to dinner
  fun-to-use interactive explainer of GM foods in development
Gene chip
                                   manufacturer's website explains biochips
RNA interference                       15-minute video clip from NOVA, excellent
The PCR song
                           Youtube pop anthem, check it out
PCR explained
                           crystal-clear sequence of diagrams
Virtual PCR lab
                          try this interactive site to "photocopy" DNA.  Click on Bacterial Identification Lab
DNA editing breakthrough?        CRISPR is an exciting/disturbing development, here is a brief summary
CRISPR and ethics                     Jennifer Doudna explains how she discovered CRISPR-Cas system, and how it might be misused

Social implications

Ethics of genetic engineering     viewed by Church of Scotland
Roslin Institute
                          cloning, from the folks who brought you Dolly.  For more info, click on menu items at left side
Stem-cell debate
                        research or baby-killing? you decide
                                      bizarre UFO cult claims to have cloned people already

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