Structure and function of plants

Dance of the flowers             Astonishing video of flowers opening to reveal their secrets   
Floating leaf disk lab              Video shows how to get those pesky leaf disks to sink
Redwood time                      "Climbing the World's Biggest Trees", 19 minute video of incredible lecture.  Must see if you like redwoods
Eco-tree                               user-friendly pictorial guide to plants and how they work.  Highly recommended, follow the links.
Transpiration explainer          animated pictorial website that shows how water moves through plants
Plant structures                     thorough look at plant tissues, good pictures
The seedy side of plants        based on popular TV show about seeds
Poisonous plants                   everything about toxic plants
Carnivorous plants                plants that eat meat
The ginkgo pages                  all about this gymnosperm plant
Botanical record-breakers     amazing plant trivia
Calif. wildflowers                  great photos collection, if you know the name already
Leaf identification project      key to the leaves of Iowa trees, easy to use
Fertilization in plants             Turn on your speakers for this excellent podcast-style guide to the complex process of double fertilization. 
Hidden beauty                      Incredible pollination video, a must-see

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