Physics course policies

        Problem of the day     Brief in-class learning activity, which exemplifies what you have just learned.  It's OK to cooperate and discuss, and to ask Mr H for hints.  If calculation is involved, show your work.  Will be graded and returned promptly.

                    Usually worth 4 or 5 points, if late work it's half off.  Over a week late? sorry, no credit.

        Lab projects                  Weekly or more, point values vary.  Some labs have a group component (graph or other summarizing work) as well as an individual part.  Late work is half off.  Some labs may be repeated for a better grade, check with Mr H if you want to repeat it. 

       Quiz and test                   Quiz 10-20 points, often.  Test 50+ points, once a month or so.  Calculators are allowed, and you will have a formula list.        

       Physics binder                Worth 20 points, near the end of each quarter.  Get a 3-ring binder with 4 divider tabs (labeled notes, labs, other work, grade record).  Take notes in your own style.  Notes should be dated and notebook pages numbered.  All work for the quarter should be saved, in order, and you should have a grade record, up to date with your scores.  Also, you should have a calculator. 

        Late work                        Counts half credit.  Homework more than a week late is no credit.  Overdue lab reports lose 25% for every week they are late.  No late work of any kind accepted if more than a month overdue.  

        Grades                             Update your grade record weekly.  Check with the posted version to verify that we agree.  Letter grades are calculated by categories in accordance with district policy, where 90% and up is A, 80% B, 70%C and 60% D.

         Absent                            Check the board for assignments, and ask Mr. H what you missed.  You have 1 day to make up stuff for every day of excused absence.  Unexcused or cut?  Sorry, no makeups.

        Tardy                               Following school policy, the second tardy of the quarter means 30 minutes of detention.  Further tardies have increasing penalties.          

        Cheating                         Discussion and consultation with your friends is fine, but do your own writing on homework and labs.  Cheating on tests is a special target.

        Behavior                        Constant talking?   After warnings, your seat will be changed. Texting in class?  After warnings, your phone will be taken.  More serious problems will be referred to the administration. 

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